Elizabeth Lenz Elementary School

Replacement of the existing 23 classroom unit ventilators (UV), classroom sinks and cabinets, installing a new air cooled chiller, new chilled water plant housed in a new concrete block structure, all necessary chilled water piping and extension of the existing hydronic heating water piping to the new UV’s and existing air handlers, new dedicated domestic water heater and tempered water distribution line to all classrooms, flooring removal and replacement to gain access to mechanical trench, all required wall and ceiling removal and replacement for new piping, all required electrical and fire alarm modifications and additions, repairing and reroofing at the removed evaporation cooler pods, new replacement rooftop package units with economizers, full DDC control system, removal and replacement of existing flooring in the multi-purpose room and adjacent space and computer server room.  This project has a 45 day start to finish.